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We live in a world that rewards a fast and frenzied pace. Young girls grow up with enormous social and media pressure to look a certain way, but how about guiding them to be a certain way? What if we were to tell them-

"Trust your self, the answers lie within.
Who you are is not what you look like! You are beautiful and loved as you are. Be kind to your self.
Dance often, laugh deeply and like yourself in quiet solitude. Move with fire in your belly and a song on your hips. Find your woman-soul and love her passionately. You are not alone."


At Living Lightly we strive to offer young girls and teenagers a space to express their innermost being. We encourage them to find the place where the flower opens and the wind whispers "you are loved". A place where their seeking may find them.


We offer:

  • Self-Empowerment workshops for teenage girls

  • Mom and Daughter Funshops

  • Counselling " Parent Coaching

  • Mediation between parent and child

  • Rites of passage ceremonies

  • Waldorf-based Home School Curriculum

  • Home School Support

Please contact us for further information.

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