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Welcome to HEALING HOME. It is a website that has been designed to introduce you to the concept of distant healing, to help you to find your way to peace, tranquility, love and abundance through the energy that has been poured into the healing magnets, copper discs, sacred hearts and crystal necklaces.

Each of the healing magnets has been energized specifically for the different chakras or energy centers in the body, and/or for other specific purposes, such as finding inner peace and tranquility, or helping children and adults with ADHD or ADD.

By placing the copper disc and healing magnet in your physical space, e.g. on your fridge door, you will bring balance and harmony to your home, and to all its occupants. By wearing the necklaces, you will bring balance and harmony to yourself, and also to those around you.

What is healing? Contrary to popular belief, healing is not the removal of symptoms. It is the returning to a state of alignment with your Higher Self or true way of being. Healing refers to energy balancing which is the art and practice of re-aligning, balancing and re-attuning the body's electromagnetic energy field. It enables the subtle bodies to flow in a more harmonious way. It aims to restore balance and harmony to that which is being healed. The practitioner aims to relieve stress and tension through helping energy flow naturally. Blocks are released by channeling energy from Source through the healer to the person/animal. The healer thus acts as a conduit or transformer for the energy, much as a pylon helps with the sending of electricity to a city or town. Balance is restored by allowing the disturbed energies to be fully embraced by unconditional love, compassion and non-judgment. When we are properly aligned we are able to live richer, happier lives. In this way we are enabled to actualize our fullest potential.


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