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"Ha Phororo" - Sotho, "Empophomeni" - Zulu, "The Place of the Waterfall" - English

A retreat is a withdrawal from ordinary activities for a period of time to commune with God in prayer and reflection. A place, where the experience of the Sacred and search for the Divine is central to our daily rhythm; for community members & visitors alike.
Ha Phororo lies at the foothills of the ancient Magaliesberg mountains, overlooking the picturesque Hartbeespoort dam in South Africa. The name "Ha Phororo" - the place of the waterfall - communicates, the idea of a place of spiritual and physical nourishment and refreshment.

It is a place of solitude and retreat, as well as sharing the company of like-minded people with a common wish to draw closer to the Source of all.

All are welcome to share this journey with us. Come for the day or stay for a while.

Our Name- - the word "Ha Phororo" (in Sotho) and "Empophomeni" (in Zulu) means "The Place of the Waterfall". In dream language the symbol of the Waterfall is often associated with the search of meaning, a deep longing for a centering of our lives that promises peace of heart. The name indicates our own willingness to remain open to the presence of the One who called us into life and continues to be with us wherever our life path leads..

We are an ecumenical centre, welcoming all who have the desire to grow to their full potential. We have a clear Christian foundation, embedded in the Catholic Church.

You are most welcome to visit us at any time, however just call to confirm.

The main house
  • Two Chapels (one a reconciliation Chapel)

  • Hall

  • Three labyrinths

  • Two Lapas - rondavels where we have our meals

  • Dormitory facilities for 40 people

  • Wooden cottages for 16 people

  • Six double rooms en suite

  • One self-contained self-catering lodge

  • Jungle gyms and play areas

Ha Phororo is open for anyone. We call it a youth retreat because we want to encourage young people to come to our place since so often there is nothing for them. We want to offer young people an opportunity to spend some time as volunteers at our place so they can experience community life with a regular structure.

There are so many young people who grow up without any community experience. Family life (which is the smallest community) is so often disrupted, and many young people never share a meal together. We live in the Mc Donald's culture, with computer games and Facebook replacing real interaction among people.

We want to offer young people the possibility to experience a different way of life where we share life together, eat together, pray together, work together, and also sort out conflicts together in a constructive way. But anybody is welcome at our place, and we have many adult visitors who come for a day or for a few days.


One of the three labyrinths


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