+27 21 Chaperones caters to the Cape Town film and television Industry.

Having worked in the Cape Town film industry we know the importance of keeping 'out of town' guests happy, to ensure they will return. A great Cape Town experience also means 'word of mouth' will bring more business to the Cape Town and it's film industry.

It is not always easy to ensue that everything runs smoothly for the guests while at the same time trying to meet deadlines with large production staff to manage.

This is where we come in!

Who we are - what we do !
We supply personlised chaperones for guests. Guests are met at the airport, their accomodation organised, chauffeured and shown all the exiting tourist attractions of Cape Town. They run errands, including such things as freighting purchases back to their country of origin. All this makes for a happy guest and a production house with one less thing to worry about.

+27 21 Chaperones has established associations with top class hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and speciality shops.

+27 21 Chaperones operatives are energetic, knowledgeable and dedicated to the client's every need. They are well groomed, personable and highly professional.

+27 21 Chaperones offers a choice of either , SATOUR registered guides or young, energetic individuals who are working their way up through the ranks of the filmmaking industry. Operatives will be selected according to each client's specific needs and preferences.

+27 21 Chaperones is able to offer specialised chaperones that have a good command of one or more foreign languages. All +27 21 chaperones are in possession of valid Public Driver's Permits and most have a First Aid qualification.

  • Booking client's accommodation.
  • Meeting clients at the airport.
  • Supply of welcome info packs.
  • Keeping accurate records of all clients including their likes and dislikes, the places they stayed, what they have done as well as previous gifts they have received.
  • A selection of information brochures will be supplied to visiting crews by +2721 chaperones.
  • Supply of client gifts.
  • Helping clients with time consuming tasks such as freighting the puchases home for the.
  • Running general errends.


+27 21 Chaperones offers a unique client incentive programme. 'DIAL-UP-DAYS' is +27 21's answer to Voyager Miles. Each day a +27 21 chaperone is booked by a specific client means one day closer to towards earning the production facility a variety of substantial loyalty rewards.


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