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Zena Jacobson is a remarkable healer. As a distant healer and operating on a donation basis, with just a photograph, she can send healing to a person, an animal or a space. And she can do this from any distance.

This web page has been created to bring about an awareness of the wonderful miracles that lie within each one of us through distant healing.

Within a lifetime there is always a time when we may feel alone and reaching out to others for help may be difficult. Sometimes it is easier to reach out to someone we do not know as if we instinctively know a new perspective may open us up in some new way.

This site is designed especially for this. It is a safe place to seek unity, to be held in the thoughts of another and receive and give on an energetic level.

We believe that in doing this the 'one' consciousness of mankind will be heightened and we can all actively participate in sending each other the energetic help we may require. This can be likened to hundreds of prayers all with a similar thought.

Anyone involved in energy work will be familiar with the power created by this type of distant healing exchange.

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The experience of love and peace is the only thing of importance that is communicated. It is this attitude of the heart and not what is said between two people that does healing work in both directions.

Gerald G. Jampolsky

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