COLIC IN INFANTS usually occurs in the first 3 months of a babies life due to an immature digestive system. Air gets trapped in the intestine by swallowing while drinking, and the baby is unable to push it out. As a result they experience a ‘stitch’ like pain and bloating which leads to symptoms of colic which are typically; crying, screaming, straining, reflux & vomiting (and very stressed parents!). Baby needs help to release the trapped wind.

This is not the best way for baby (or parents) to spend their first few months on earth.

Fortunately we now have Tum Tum Teddy pack- a fast, effective, natural way of bring baby quick relief.

Tum Tum Teddy warmth pack & massage oil not only helps colic in infants but also tummy aches, ear ache, growing pains & muscular pain in children.




* Heatable “Tum Tum Teddy” (microwave only).
* Medicated “Tum Tum oil” for colic and sore tummies.
* Instruction leaflet and tips


  1. Heat “Tum Tum Teddy” in a microwave only - for 30 - 45 seconds depending on strength of microwave - till warm, not hot.

  2. Test heat before using.

  3. Apply “Tum Tum Oil” onto tummy with warm hands. Massage the tummy in a gentle, slow, circular (clockwise) motion, include rib area where winds often get trapped.

  4. Apply warm “Tum Tum Teddy” onto tummy - OVER first layer of clothing (pref cotton).

It can be great source of comfort for children throughout their lives And they will always associate relief and comfort with their Tum Tum Teddy. It also encourages a child to participate in their own healing by holding the Tum Tum Teddy to the area of pain or discomfort.

Children learn to ask for their Tum Tum Teddy when they need it.

Tum Tum Teddy is always ready

It can also be frozen and used for bumps and bruises (keep in freezer in a plastic bag)


There are many uses for the bean bag which can be used by people of all ages:

  • Sore Tummies

  • Aching Muscles

  • Growing pains

  • Ear ache Cold

  • Comforting

History of the Essential Colic Kit

Karen Muir has had three children who all suffered from colic. She developed the Essential Colic Kit while her third child (Safiya) was suffering terribly from colic in her first three months of life. She discovered that massaging the babies tummy with the purest of sesame oil mixed with essential oils of fennel, ginger and lavender, and then applying a warm bean bag – that she could give her baby dramatic relief. It seems that the warmth from the pack combined with the oil massage helps to dispel the trapped wind. Winds that had been proving stubborn and often impossible to get rid of, which were causing terrible pain to her baby would suddenly be dispelled and this brought instant relief to her suffering baby. Safiya is now three years old and loves her Tum Tum Teddy. All Karen’s children (Talia, Finn and Safiya) have allergies to wheat and dairy and often gets tummy aches – “Since we have created the Tum Tum Teddy bean bags my children have learned to all ask for them when they need them and we honestly do not know what we would do without it.” “The Essential Colic Kit has been a great for bumps and bruises, we keep one in the freezer – especially for the three year old who is at the “age of bumps” and the cold pack helps so much to reduce pain and swelling from the many bumps incurred.” Karen helped so many people with babies and children (and adults) with her colic kits, and the response has been so positive that she is now making them for the general public.

Retail prices including V.A.T and excluding postage

1 @ R99.95
6 or more @ R75.00 each
20 or more @ R50 each

Wholesalers and retailers who want the wholesale price - please contact Karen


E-mail Karen at om7@telkomsa.net

Telephone: 021 782 6888     Int: +27 21 782 6888

Mobile: 083 350 5040      Int: +27 83 350 5040

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